Jung-Min Oh runs a company called Hidden Track, best known for creating the Linder app. Linder is a calendar service which keeps its users up-to-date on events of interest or sales dates for specific products. For example, baseball fans receive detailed schedules for their team of choice, while fans of a particular idol group are informed of upcoming concerts and fan meets.

              The short but noteworthy history of Hidden Track has its roots in a startup club launched at Korea University. Oh and three of his associates made a business out of an idea that popped up while completing a class assignment on creative software design. Their workforce grew along the way until they were finally able to set up Hidden Track in June 2017. Within a year of its establishment, Hidden Track and its team of young innovators had already secured investments and cooperative partnerships with major companies such as Samsung Electronics, Amore Pacific, and Hanhwa.

Oh emphasizes the importance of being both bold enough to rise to a challenge and thorough enough to see it through, a belief based in his clear distinction between entrepreneurship and recklessness. He also advocates for the close observation of the ever-changing consumer. As the world grows more and more complex, it is often up to young entrepreneurs to map out and rise tovarious customer needs.