Kyung-Pyo Hong’s passion for video and film creation runs deep. He began shooting and editing his own work back in high school, which was also when he finished his favorite piece—a movie about the Korean college scholastic aptitude test which parodied General Sun-Sin Yi’s Chosun dynasty battle at Myeongnyang. Hong’s private enthusiasm for video production soon led to the idea of creating a Facebook page for REC Production in 2014. The site took off in earnest about two years later, teaching him a great deal about what it takes to manage a video service via social networking. According to Hong, social networking sites should keep four points in mind when creating and posting video content to their feeds.

1) Keep the videos concise. Any content longer than two to three minutes long runs the risk of losing the viewer’s attention. The shorter the video, the more successful it is in sparking a sense of curiosity and the more likely to garner hits and likes.

2) Keep the content fresh.

3) Keep the videos character-oriented. Certain characters should make repeat appearances in order to boost recognition within the target audience.

4) Keep the quality as high as possible. Low-quality productions seldom generate a buzz even if they feature original and well-written ideas.

Hong’s first official work in video production was entitled “Palette.” The video compared various human characteristics to a spectrum of paint colors and encouraged the integration of different people within shared spaces. This marked the beginning of several ad campaign offers for REC Production, including SkyEdu, one of South Korea’s biggest companies in the private education sector. Hong was able to develop the skills needed to stay attuned to each client’s needs and provide vibrant content that resonates with audiences. He hopes to use his experience to pave the way toward further advancements in video production.