From LSBCS to All_Drama to JKreator to Funnions, Jung-In Choi has dedicated himself to every kind of project imaginable and is now looking forward to more challenges in innovation. Choi was one of five students who decided to start a business as a way of escaping the monotony of life after their college entrance exams. That business, which they named LSBCS, formed the foundation of the company that Funnions is today.

LSBCS’s first project, All_Drama (so called because “All Drama” sounds similar to “Old Drama”), gathered hundreds of followers on Instagram with its heart-warming interviews and photos of elderly citizens in South Korea, providing a tender glimpse into lives often overlooked by more-established media outlets.

Their second project, JKreator, boosted their growth as a team and honed their expertise, with Choi getting the opportunity to interview venture companies and create promotional campaigns. Funnions continues the work that started with JKreator, creating video content and news slides for companies such as BKlohwell.

Thanks to such work, Choi grew increasingly familiar with the ins and outs of YouTube and changing trends in Internet-based media. YouTube is currently one of the world’s most influential platforms, showcasing videos worth billions of views from a wide-ranging audience. These videos allow people across the globe to learn new skills or follow along with the choreography of the latest hits in music. Services such as Twitch and Afreeca TV have also contributed to the formation of an Internet broadcasting culture by adopting donation systems and broadening consumer pools.

According to Choi, these developments signal a phenomenon known as the “disappearing boundary” between social media and traditional media, with interactions between the two shifting from uni-directional to multi-directional. Whereas earlier generations looked to traditional media for their information, the generations of today create their own content and communicate person-to-person, taking up professions such as full-time YouTuber, BJ, and Instagram model. New media creators like Risabae and GAMST have even gone so far as to enter the world of traditional media by working in network television. Conversely, celebrities who formerly relied on traditional media now actively produce their own content through social media using tools such as V-App and YouTube to communicate with their fans and showcase their talent on their own terms. According to Choi, the distinction between traditional and social media itself has therefore become meaningless.