On 9/13/2018, Potentialist, a start-up group founded and run by Waseda University undergraduates, held an Innovation Class at Yeouido Dreamplus. The class--which was the first Potentialist event to take place in South Korea--centered on the topic of business and media, highlighting issues such as the success stories of young social media creators and the need for entrepreneurial spirit. Approximately 20 to 30 people were in attendance, including a KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) documentary crew that later interviewed the speakers.

The Innovation Class started at 7:00 P.M. following a reception. The first speakers were Kyoung-Pyo Hong and Seung-Yi Baek, both of whom are part of the creative team at REC Production. Baek and Hong gave an overview of their company's past, present, and future. They talked about starting their production company as teenagers, making videos throughout their middle and high school years, forming ad campaigns for other companies, and establishing plans for more specialized and sophisticated content.

The next speaker, Jung-In Choi (co-founder of Funnions), introduced projects ranging from "All Drama" (which deals with the everyday lives of the elderly) and "Jkreator" (a YouTube collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and Labor) to an upcoming foray into the world of record production. In addition to addressing the goals and achievements of his company, Choi stressed the importance of recognizing the breakdown currently underway in the boundaries between social media and traditional media.

Last on the agenda was Hidden Track CEO Jung-Min Oh's presentation on Linder, a user-specific scheduling app which Oh and his friends had begun developing in college and later expanded into their current company. According to Oh, Linder's ultimate goal is to connect artificial intelligence and data in order to provide a more seamless schedule management experience.

After the third session ended a little past 9:00 P.M., all of the participants gathered together to network over snacks and engage in lively conversation on the future of social media businesses.