Hidden Track -Another Gen Z startup from Korea, trying to change our calendar experience!


              Hidden Track’s motto—“Studying how to make people’s daily lives worthwhile”—expresses the company’s desire to contribute to the betterment of society. Its application software services cater to the demands of modern life, helping people get through their everyday routines in a more efficient and fulfilling manner.

linder korea

              Hidden Track’s most representative achievement is the Linder app, a calendar service which keeps its users up-to-date on events of interest or sales dates for specific items. Linder’s most eye-catching feature is that it serves as an innovative replacement for existing means of conveying information (e.g., e-mail, text messages, KakaoTalk). Its calendar creates a new channel of communication between companies and their customers, offering a notification function that induces customer behavior at 10% of the cost of text messaging. Linder goes beyond simply providing push notifications for a given schedule, as the user gets consistent exposure to updates from companies of interest through their personalized calendar. With all indicators pointing toward even greater expansion, Linder has already garnered formidable success across markets in Japan and Southeast Asia, its growth particularly noteworthy in K-Pop and sports-related categories.

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              The driving force behind the rapid rise of Hidden Track is its small but tight-knit team of highly driven managers, designers, and engineers. The seven-member squad—which only averages 27 and a half years in age—places its priority on product completion and high-quality service. Each one of the company’s 13 completed projects was created in a way that reflected client concerns from the planning stage. That level of responsiveness to its audience has awarded Hidden Track 11 prizes and launches of three outstanding products so far.

              Experts view the company’s schedule management services as a promising future partner for various branches of industry. For now, Hidden Track intends to focus on developing the artificial intelligence technology needed to expand into fields such as booking, shopping, and transportation.